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Discover Art and Stay Fit

Each step you take brings you closer to uncovering another masterpiece

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Great Motivator

"This app is a great motivator to get your steps in for the day, u can collect amazing art work just for doing a daily walk ... I've learned about so many amazing artists"

– dj044055, App Store Review

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Best App

"Art Collector has helped me get my step count up while I enjoy and learn about cool art - really fun, cute way app, big recommend"

– Svhsjsix, App Store Review

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Good wholesome fun art app

"I like that I don't have to do a lot, it just ticks away in the background presenting me with new art."

– coldchristmas, App Store Review

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Transform your daily steps into art

Journey with Art Collector, where your daily steps unlock the world of art. Stay active and enrich each day with fresh discoveries. If you like art and step-counting apps, then you’ll love Art Collector.

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Explore the Collections of Renowned Institutions

Leveraging open-access data, Art Collector grants you access to the extensive archives of the world’s most renowned art institutions. Discover thousands of works, ranging from celebrated masterpieces to hidden gems rarely seen in gallery halls.

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Engage, Curate, Compete

Be part of the community, engage in weekly contests, or enjoy at a leisurely pace. Connect with fellow art lovers, trade pieces, and share in the excitement of collecting.

How Will You Play?

Collect, curate, trade, and even decide the fate of great art.

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